May & June

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Tuesday 29th May

@ Peerhat, Manchester

you can buy advanced tickets for this one here:

Tuesday 5th June

@ St. Margaret’s Church, Manchester £5-£7 on the door

Tuesday 26th June

@ Peerhat, Manchester £5 on the door

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Yoni Silver/Ram Gabay + Clout, Then Grappling + Birchall/Drenching/Marks



YONI SILVER (bass clarinet) & RAM GABAY (drums) are Israeli musicians based in London:: they have played with folks like Ilian Volkov, Steve Noble, Dylan Nyoukis and so on. I saw Yoni play in the Hyperion Ensemble last year and it was easily one of the best thing ever.

See:: Hear

CLOUT, THEN GRAPPLING is the British/Lithuanian duo of Kelly Jones (flute) & Greta Buitkute (voice) They both live in Manchester at least some of the time. Only time I heard them was in a massive empty warehouse in Salford and it sounded super dope.


DAVID BIRCHALL/THF DRENCHING/PHILIP MARKS play guitar/dictaphone/drums in that order. They are all “to do with” Manchester though Phil is moving to Portugal soon so come see him in his natural environment while you can. The group made an album last year by doing the below; what THF Drenching describes (more or less saying everything you need to know in words about the trio)

“sat in the Milk Room in Hotspur House, partly talking about AC/DC and Carcass, but mainly creating and jettisoning chunks of album at the speed of that massive drill that cut the channel tunnel, clumps of density and control on a wave of industrial coolant”

and also for hearing::

£5 7:30pm doors. charming bar. usual vibe. all welcome.

@St Margaret’s Church, Rufford Road, Whalley Range, Manchester, M16 8AE

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Spaceheads & Paddy Steer @ Gullivers

Spaceheads Paddy JPEG

Spaceheads have been playing around the UK and Europe with Rucksack Cinema, promoting their new album “A Short Ride on the Arrow of Time”. They return home to Manchester on Friday 22nd April.

Spaceheads will be joined by Paddy Steer and Mal Dino and as ever the room will be lit up with the projections of Rucksack Cinema

Tickets £5 in advance or £5 plus donation to the bands at the door

Doors 7.30pm

Spaceheads are a duo. Andy Diagram’s hotwired trumpet produces live harmonised loops and breathy samples which he controls via a mobile phone attached to the top of his horn with a fish slice. The thick brass layers created are propelled by Richard Harrison’s drums, percussion and bent metal sheets.
Spaceheads formed in 1990 and have toured the world and released eleven albums to date. A new album “A Short Ride on the Arrow of Time” has just come out on their own label, Electric Brass Records, following the release of “Sun Radar EP” in 2013 and “Trip to the Moon EP” in 2014
Over 25 years Andy and Richard have achieved an intuition of what each is about to do next which makes their semi-improvised gigs a joy to behold.

Paddy Steer is a 21st Century one man music machine, with flashing robot head and homemade instruments – ancient synths, glockenspiels, crazy percussion laying down maverick grooves and rumbles.
“Sounds like a Swiss cuckoo clock made of egg boxes and horsehair, glued together by an African Moog player in a Vietnamese iron monger’s shop” – Graham Massey (808 State/Toolshed).
His new album “Bifurcation Arrows Misleading Visuals” came out in January

Mal Dino – Hard hitting songs from Cheshire’s finest guitar picker. Marrying thought provoking lyrics with great melodies and his trademark guitar playing, his music is underlined with an ‘acerbic’ and sometimes sarcastic wit. Playing with the Mud Hutters in the 1970’s and 80’s through to many of todays younger bands Mal Dino combines innovation with invention as he engages a live looping machine. A new CD of recent recordings is to be released very soon.

Rucksack Cinema will project and mix video to the music, creating strange and wonderful atmospheres throughout the room. He has created innovative live video imagery for Spaceheads gigs and other events since 1998.



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5th March A BIG HAND and co

12495162_916083025134174_9125725479191230460_nA BIG HAND
These folks released a pretty amazing CD called BIG HAND (after which I’m reliabley informed the group is now named) in 2009. I think this might be one of their first gigs since then. I’m pretty certain it will be great. See Das Wire review below which sort of compares it to free jazz but ducks out at the last minute.

“Or not like anything else. At all.” is the best part of the review.

“A Big Hand is a meeting of the ecstatic jazz of Sunny Murray saxophonist Tony Bevan and the industrial rumble of Furt/Bark’s Phillip Marks and Paul Obermayer, with Steve Reid bassist Dominic Lash holding the groove in the middle. Like the Sonny Rollins Trio in a tumble-dryer, or Maceo Parker with Konono N°1. Or not like anything else. At all.”

solo drumming from Amsterdam (my lazy comparison/copy algorhythm would read “Imagine the long lost son of Han Bennick raised on a steady diet of marching band music and dutch crust punk going renegade by returning to the (free) jazz fold) but we won’t say that. Just that his solo performances can be intense, inspiring, proper funny and totally awkward. Often at the same time. He also holds down the drum stool on occasions behind (or beside) Marshall Allen, Eugene Chadbourne and Dylan Carlson.

Sam and Dave (A and B) attempt to carve the tonal qualities of saxophone and guitar into the same shimmering line. Andrew (C) plays amazing things on the drums at the same time. In fact only the 2nd ever Manchester gig for this group; since the first one they played in London, Oslo, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Zurich and Basel so figued it was time to play at home again. Solid tape release on TOMBED VISIONS.

£7 waged £5 unwaged 8pm doors

@ St Margaret’s Church, Rufford Road, Whalley Range, Manchester

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12th February L’Ocelle Mare & Co

12th February

L’Ocelle Mare (Madrid/Fr)

Visiting from Spain Thomas Bonvalent creates amazing musical structures using banjoguitar, feet (special shoes), objects (tuning forks, inside of harmonics, metronomes, others…) and close micing combined with intimate knowledge of the extremes of his amplification system. Its really a wonderful thing to hear.

Kelly Jayne Jones/Jon Collin (Mcr)

St margos is going to be a perfect location for the combined work of these two legendary space tone silence explorers.

Katz Mulk (Mcr)

Our 2 favourite Ben’s creating a splendid tapestry with (actual) DRY ICE textures and the stage directions from a late Beckett play.

@ St Margaret’s Church, Whalley Range, Manchester, M16 8AE

£7 waged/£5 unwaged 8pm doors 11pm curfew


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Phil Minton & Friends


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Tubers MiniFestival 2nd May!

may 2nd

Bark! (Copenhagen/Halifax/London)

Cathy Heyden (Paris) & Rogier Smal (Amsterdam)

Rosanne Robertson (Todmorden)

Vitalija Glovackyte (Manchester)/Joe Snape (Birmingham/Berlin) – Joint Set

Han-Earl Park (Cork)/Dominic Lash (Bristol)/Corey Mwamba (Derby)

Ortho Stice (Manchester/Macclesfield)

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11th February

feb 11th

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21st November

Richard Scott/Helmut Lemke
Both previous visitors to the church Richard uses analogue synth and movement sensitive sound controllers while Helmut last time used incredibly long strings but has been known to utilise sax and multitape player in performance.

Colin Webster/Andrew Cheetham
London based sax player meets Manchester drummer. Last combination involved the pair at Fat Out Fest was explosive.

Ruth Jones/Natalie Speake/Stacey Johnstone/David Birchall
’50 Steps’ is an exploration of the process of walking the Pennine Way this performance in the church is part of research and development for this bigger project: a  series of structured movement and music improvisations that will happen throughout 2015, as a celebration of 50 years of the Pennine Way. Each of the 4 improvisational performances in 2015 will occur on arrival at a venue immediately after a section of the Pennine Way has been walked/experienced by both the dancers and musician. The artists will respond to the memory of space, movements, textures, structures within the environment – a  kinaesthetic experience expressed to create a visceral experience. 

The dancers/ physical artists are Ruth Jones, Natalie Speake and  Stacey Johnstone with sound artist/musician, David Birchall. 
The artists will return from walking a section of the Pennine Way near Marsden to present an improvisation.
@ St Margaret’s Church, Rufford Road, Whalley Range, Manchester, M16 8AE
£5 unwaged/£7 waged
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Wednesday 8th October 2014

HASTE is an intercontinental trio featuring the talents of Ingrid Laubrock (saxophones), Veryan Weston (piano) and Hannah Marshall (cello).

The Grew Quartet is led by Lancastrian pianist Stephen Grew accompanied by fellow northerners Phillip Marks (percussion), Matt Robinson (clarinets) and Seth Bennett (double bass).

Lauren Kinsella (voice), Liam Noble (piano) & Chris Batchelor (piano) are a newly formed trio based in London.


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