21st November

Richard Scott/Helmut Lemke
Both previous visitors to the church Richard uses analogue synth and movement sensitive sound controllers while Helmut last time used incredibly long strings but has been known to utilise sax and multitape player in performance.

Colin Webster/Andrew Cheetham
London based sax player meets Manchester drummer. Last combination involved the pair at Fat Out Fest was explosive.


Ruth Jones/Natalie Speake/Stacey Johnstone/David Birchall
’50 Steps’ is an exploration of the process of walking the Pennine Way this performance in the church is part of research and development for this bigger project: a  series of structured movement and music improvisations that will happen throughout 2015, as a celebration of 50 years of the Pennine Way. Each of the 4 improvisational performances in 2015 will occur on arrival at a venue immediately after a section of the Pennine Way has been walked/experienced by both the dancers and musician. The artists will respond to the memory of space, movements, textures, structures within the environment – a  kinaesthetic experience expressed to create a visceral experience. 

The dancers/ physical artists are Ruth Jones, Natalie Speake and  Stacey Johnstone with sound artist/musician, David Birchall. 
The artists will return from walking a section of the Pennine Way near Marsden to present an improvisation.
@ St Margaret’s Church, Rufford Road, Whalley Range, Manchester, M16 8AE
£5 unwaged/£7 waged
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